Monday, June 09, 2008

On Google and Free Speech SeattlePI scores a glancing blow

The Seattle Post Intelligencer has an interesting article about Google's track record on "curbing free speech."

I could go on for hours about this particular topic; it suffices to say this:
Google is operating in a multinational environment. We've seen in many cases (Iraq is a prime example) that a free-speech democratic environment isn't suitable for all societies. Perhaps, someday, our world might see a day where that case exists, however, that day is not today. I'm a firm believer that the reason why the United States of America has flourished with free speech is because of the strong educational background that most Americans enjoy as part of growing up. Is it perfect? Far from it... but it gives us a starting point. With that knowledge, we're able to learn and grow as our careers and lives progress.

While Google is, in fact, suppressing important historical information in these countries, the larger good of providing the 98% of the world's information is far more important than giving up on 1/5th or more of the world's population because the government wants a tight grip on 2% (this is likely way too high of a number, but we'll throw it out there for a number to hold on to) of the information.

I believe there will come a day for an ideals show-down between Google and the nations of the world, however, that time has not yet arrived.


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