Friday, August 08, 2008

Resource FOUND: Generate OpenOffice Documents

I just found a tool that will allow me to create OpenOffice documents from within PHP. A few days ago, when I began the hunt, I located PHP DocWriter which seemed to fit the bill from the instructions... but the files that it generated in the example were noted as corrupted when I tried to read the files from OpenOffice. That doesn't give me much hope. So, I kept looking around... and today found tbsOOo. 'tbs' stands for TinyButStrong, a template engine that is as the name describes. tbsOOo is a plugin for the engine that was released nearly 2 years ago and allows you to create a file from a template. Since the companies I work with are usually working from stationary, I can create a template and have the text from a PHP form drop into it. This will make quotes (and other documents like faxes) much easier to create! Yeah for Olivier Loynot! Yeah for Olivier for releasing it via the LGPL as well!

...Now to actually try it locally!


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