Saturday, April 26, 2008

This afternoon, after a rainstorm passed through, Isaac and Elijah were insisting that they wanted to go outside. Since everything was still SOAKED in the grass... there wasn't much space for them to do anything (plus, it was still lightly drizzling). So, I popped up the baby-gate on the back porch and cleared it off so there was space for them to wander around. Mind you, there wasn't anything to do there, but they wanted to go out! The back porch, while small, is covered... so we put sweatshirts on and stood around on the porch for about 10 minutes. Elijah got bored first. He demanded that he be allowed inside.

Isaac didn't want to go inside yet though. So, we stayed outside. I was able to grab the lawn chairs that have sat outside all winter and clean them up a bit. While wet, they were clean enough to sit in. After I finished, Isaac wanted to sit in one with a cup of milk. So, I grabbed a cup of milk for him and a cup of water for me. I sat in the second chair which was quite wet. It was worth it though. While we sat there, Isaac proclaimed that there were two chairs that there were birds in the trees saying tweet, tweet... and that they were flying in the sky. We also talked about the cars in the driveway and that they weren't crashing because, "we don't crash cars." A lesson that we've been working with on his toy cars that I hope sticks with him through life.

Sitting there with my first little boy, watching the world around us and seeing him with the capability to express what he saw was priceless... I saw more than ever that he's not just my first little boy anymore... he's my first big boy.

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